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  • Reminder: Rates rebates for pensioners

    Reminder: Rates rebates for pensioners
    City of Johannesburg offers attractive rates rebates for pensioners and property owners aged 60 and older. There are two broad categories of rebates applicable, one for for pensioners aged 70 or greater and one for lower-income […]

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  • MAF Chairman’s report 2016-17

    MAF’s Chairman, Mary Hanna delivered her report on MAF’s activities to members at the Annual General Meeting on 8th November 2017. It is available for download as a PDF file. Click on the link below (size 63 kB) download 20171108_MAF_annual_report-2016-17.
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  • MAF AGM 8 November 2017

    MAF’s 2017 AGM will be held at Merrow Down Country Club on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 18:00 sharp. Please, we beseech you, do come and catch up with MAF’s activities including the latest on the ‘Makro’ saga (a Builders’ […]

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  • Fibre rollout delay

    Kiklo Fttx has informed us that it is experiencing a lengthy delay in getting a wayleave for their fibre backbone from Eskom. As a result, final installation in some places will be delayed. However, Kiklo is going ahead with the […]

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  • Security update newsletter

    June security update newsletter In this letter we address the potential to implement security road closures in our suburb. Download the newsletter here: 20170606_security_road_closures
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  • Makro site update

    MAF Chairman’s update on the current situation with Makro site and MAF’s course of action. 20161118_maf_makro_site
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  • Chairman’s report on Activities of MAF in the year 2014-15, presented at the AGM of its members, 16 November 2015. Download or read the report here: (PDF format 225kb): http://magaliessig.co.za/files/MAF-Chairmans-Report-2015.pdf
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  • Security update: 8 June 2016

    In the past week, two “follow-home” robberies occurred in Magaliessig. In each instance the victim was apparently followed back from a shopping centre and then firearms were brandished by the perpetrators who forced their way into the properties (one into […]

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  • Makro protest: Sat, 11 June – human chain

    SATURDAY 11 JUNE 2016 FROM 9H30 TO 12H30
    JOIN US!
    • To demonstrate that Magaliessig residents are still very opposed to the possible Makro development […]

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  • Makro update 10 May 2016

    MAF Newsletter update on Makro development:
    Tuesday 10 May 2016
    Update on the proposed Makro development
    In a letter dated 5 May 2016, the Office of the Gauteng Premier advised that the Provincial MEC for Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development […]

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  • Balloon Update 21 April: it must go!

    Update on Balloon at Golf Driving Range, Thursday 21 April 2016.
    Following representations by Magaliessig Action Forum to the City of Johannesburg’s Outdoor Advertising Department, MAF has been advised that a court order was granted yesterday requiring the owners and operators […]

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  • Balloon Update: Monday 18 April

    Update on Balloon at Golf Driving Range, Monday 18 April 2016.
    Following a major outcry to MAF from Magaliessig residents about the inappropriate advertising balloon being erected at the Golf Driving Range located on Troupant Ave, MAF has done considerable research […]

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  • WhatsApp group usage

    MAF has set up two types of “WhatsApp” groups for communication to and amongst members and residents of Magaliessig. In general thay have proved to be a great asset to the community and have been well-received by our residents.
    There […]

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  • Balloon at Golf Driving Range

    2016 March 27
    Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) has become aware that a large tethered helium balloon, similar to the one that was located at Monte Casino, is being sited at the golf driving range on Troupant Ave and that its inflation […]

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  • March 2016 Newsletter

    Magaliessig CCTV Security Project
    March 2016 Newsletter
    Dear Subscriber,
    CCTV Subscriptions
    As you may be aware, the Armed Response Divisions of RSS and TRS recently merged to form TRSS in order to improve efficiencies and to increase the number of response vehicles on the […]

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Create and Manage multiple contact forms using single dashboard. You can show Form on any single/every page of your website. You can also collect payments, leads and much more...

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Create and Manage multiple contact forms using single dashboard. You can show Form on any single/every page of your website. You can also collect payments, leads and much more...

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Create and Manage multiple contact forms using single dashboard. You can show Form on any single/every page of your website. You can also collect payments, leads and much more...

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