• Balloon Update 21 April: it must go!

    Update on Balloon at Golf Driving Range, Thursday 21 April 2016.

    Following representations by Magaliessig Action Forum to the City of Johannesburg’s Outdoor Advertising Department, MAF has been advised that a court order was granted yesterday requiring the owners and operators of the advertising balloon situated at the Golf Driving Range on Troupant Ave, Magaliessig deflate and remove the balloon and its associated structures within 10 working days. Of course neither MAF nor the CoJ can rule out an appeal by the defendants, but we do hope the balloon will be deflated pending the outcome and that all construction work will stop.

    This is a great achievement for MAF and the residents of Magaliessig and shows how it is indeed possible to combat illegal or unacceptable activities when the correct channels and procedures are identified and followed.

    MAF would like to express its very grateful thanks to all the personnel in the City’s Outdoor Advertising Department for their immediate action and unstinting efforts to deal with this unauthorised and unwarranted intrusion into our suburb. The interactions with and communications received from this department were absolutely exemplary. They are a huge credit to the City of Johannesburg.

    Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) is a non-profit residents’ association representing the interests of residents in the suburb of Magaliessig and immediate surrounding areas.

    MAF: Working for a cleaner and safer suburb.

    Issued by Magaliessig Action Forum, NPC.

    Website: http://www.magaliessig.co.za
    Contact: Chairman: Mary Hanna,
    Phone: +27-83-654-4357
    Email: Magaliessig@gmail.com

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