• Balloon Update: Monday 18 April

    Update on Balloon at Golf Driving Range, Monday 18 April 2016.

    Following a major outcry to MAF from Magaliessig residents about the inappropriate advertising balloon being erected at the Golf Driving Range located on Troupant Ave, MAF has done considerable research to determine its legality and has signed a confirmatory affidavit as a party in this matter.

    The City of Johannesburg’s Outdoor Advertising Department, the final arbiter in these matters, advises that no formal application was submitted nor was any approval granted in respect of this balloon. Only a “pre-application form” was submitted. Thus, the required process for approval has not been followed by the applicant and local residents have not been consulted on this matter.

    In terms of the National Roads Act, an application would also have to be made to SANRAL for the erection of such an advertising sign alongside a national road. Regulations state that such approval should not be granted if the sign creates a danger to motorists on the road or if there is no approval from the local authority (both true).

    Following MAF’s intervention on behalf of local residents, MAF understands that attorneys representing the CoJ have served papers on the landowners, the owners and operators of the balloon, and the advertisers. The CoJ now awaits those parties’ responses. MAF understands that the parties have however indicated that they will be opposing the matter. A court hearing is set down for Tuesday 19 April 2016. It is likely the court case may not be concluded on that day. MAF will monitor the proceedings and advise of the outcome.

    MAF is serious when it says that it will act on behalf its community if the community is threatened by any unsuitable or illegal activities or developments.

    Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) is a non-profit residents’ association representing the interests of residents in the suburb of Magaliessig and immediate surrounding areas.

    Issued by Magaliessig Action Forum, NPC.
    Contact: Chairman: Mary Hanna,
    Phone: +27-83-654-4357
    Email: Magaliessig@gmail.com

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