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Petition to upgrade K60 (Witkoppen Rd) through Paulshof

The K60 (Witkoppen Rd) between Main Rd and Maxwell Drive is a Provincial road which has become a traffic nightmare. The unmaintained verges are a danger. We urgently need to get this upgrade project moving again. To that end, please read, download and get all residents to sign the petition. The link to it is below. When signed, please email it to Councillor Candice James at the address on the form.


A number of years ago the Gauteng Province created plans to upgrade and re-route this road through the “Clay Oven” site and behind the suburb of Paulshof to join up with van der Bijl Ave through Sunninghill, thence across Maxwell Drive near Eskom’s head office and onward through Waterfall. It would complete a single major arterial route from Honeydew through to Midrand and beyond.

Thus, this new upgraded road, complete with a new intersection on Main Rd, was to replace the existing Witkoppen Rd with its narrow and crumbling sections and dangerous low-level bridges to become the main thoroughfare for traffic eastwards from Fourways.

Plans were fully in place for the Province to commence construction on this project in 2019. However it would appear that the budget for this road suddenly “evaporated” at the last minute and the project has been left abandoned.

To improve our area and its access, our Johannesburg ward councillor, Candice James (Ward 93), is seeking to get this project put back into the budget and under way. To assist her in this, she needs a strong public petition. To that end, a petition has been prepared and is available to download here. We urge all residents of Magaliessig and surrounding areas (and especially those who use Witkoppen Rd) to sign and return this petition urgently. With your help we and Candice can hopefully get this project started again.

As part of the project, it will be necessary to relocate the informal settlers dwelling on the land alongside Witkoppen Rd between the Clay Oven site and the river below the Porsche dealership because this area will become a project construction camp and ultimately form part of the route for the new road. We believe that the relocation of these people will not only help reduce the crime and grime in the area adjacent to our suburb but will also result in an improvement in conditions for the relocated residents.

We cannot guarantee that this will completely elliminate “smash and grabs” on Main Rd and Witkoppen Rd or all the other crimes, but it will be a very good start.

Reminder: Rates rebates for pensioners

Reminder: Rates rebates for pensioners

City of Johannesburg offers attractive rates rebates for pensioners and property owners aged 60 and older. There are two broad categories of rebates applicable, one for for pensioners aged 70 or greater and one for lower-income persons aged between 60 and 69.

The City of Johannesburg budget for 2018/2019 was finally approved on 12 June. Applications can now be made either for the over 60s or the over 70s Rates Rebate which comes into effect from 1 July 2018. Pensioners must be over 70, own and live in their house which does not have a municipal valuation of more than R2.5 million.

Rebates are also available for persons aged 60 to 69, but these are income related and a different form is to be completed. Houses registered in the name of family members or a Trust are not eligible to receive the rates rebate.

Completed application forms need to be submitted before 30 June (the date the existing rates rebate falls away).
All application forms and a copy of your ID have to be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. Completed forms should be physically taken to a CoJ office (not emailed or posted) to make sure they are recorded correctly and a reference number received.

Qualifying persons are urged to apply NOW (before end June) before the old rebate scheme ends and the new July 1st general valuation roll applies.

The City’s group finance spokesperson, Kgamanyane Maphologela, explained that pensioners can, however, still apply before September for their rates paid from July to be reversed. Pensioners will still be able to apply for rebates after that, but without a promise of any reversals.

The available rebate categories:

1. Persons aged 70 years or older.
These persons are offered a 100% rates rebate if they own and live in their property and its municipal valuation does not exceed R2.5 million. Criteria: You are the owner of the property​ in respect of which the rates are charged. You live on the property. You are at least 70 years old. Documentation required: a completed application form and a certified copy of your identity document.
​Download the application form here: Pensioner rates rebate application form 70+

2. Persons aged 60 to 69 years.
There are three categories of eligible persons and applicable rebates:
a) Pensioners dependent on a national security grant – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
b) Pensioners whose gross monthly earnings are less than R7 850 a month – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
c) Pensioners whose gr​oss monthly earnings are higher than R7 850 but less than R13 458 a month – 50 percent rebate (subject to criteria).​
Criteria: You are the owner of the property in respect of which the rates are charged; You live on the property;
You are at least 60 years old; The total value of the property as per the General Valuation Roll, that is, the land plus the improvements, may not exceed R2.5 million. Documentation required: your identity document; proof of income for the previous tax year (a SARS assessment); and proof of current income.
Download this application form here: Pensioner rates rebate application form 60 to 69

MAF CCTV Project subscription form

Our ability to expand the CCTV project into all areas relies totally on obtaining enough subscription income. Please do not freeload upon your neighbour’s subs, download this form and sign up, either by monthly debit order or by monthly EFT at just R100 per month which includes your membership of MAF. We are aware that EFTs and debit orders attract hefty bank charges, so a single annual upfront EFT payment of R1200 per annum is also welcome. Please do your bit for our suburb’s security, sign up now!
Click here for the form: CCTV Project Debit Order and EFT subscription form