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Voter registration 26 – 17 January 2019

Register to vote! LAST CHANCE before the elections.

Check your registration status, be sure to update your address details if you have moved since your last registration.

The 2019 national elections are coming up! Your last chance to register to vote in the elections will be this coming weekend of 26 and 27 January 2019 at our polling station (for Magaliessig area), which is at St Peters Prep School, Witkoppen Road Paulshof.

You can use an app: to check to see whether you are correctly registered on the voters’ roll. First-time registration can only take place at your local Electoral Commission office or on 26 or 27 January at St Peters Prep School.

You can also SMS your ID number to 32810 to check if you are registered, but this doesn’t give residential details, which are essential for the 2019 elections.

However, those who have registered before can update their details online by visiting

If you are not registered or your details are incorrect you very well might be turned away and not be able to vote, come election day! Don’t lose out.


The SEVENTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) will be held:

Venue: Merrow Down Country Club, Pool Room, 40 Troupant Avenue,

Date: Wednesday 14 November 2018

Time: 18:30 sharp

All members of MAF (and those wishing to become members) are invited to attend.

Please RSVP to Mary Hanna at

For security reasons, the guards at Merrow Down Country Club will be authorized to allow entry only to those registered on the acceptance list and who are in possession of their driving licence or ID.

Your response must please include your surname, first name, home address, telephone number/s and email address for each attendee.

If you are unable to attend and wish to have your apologies recorded, please contact Mary Hanna on 011 465 3298 or email


1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Report on activities of the organization for the period under review.
4. Financial
4.1 Financial Report
4.2 Appointment of auditors
5. Election of Directors
5.1 The following directors retire by rotation and offer themselves for
Steve Appleton, Denis Grace, Mary Hanna, and Mike Hogan
6. General

If you would like to propose an item for the agenda please submit the information in writing to no later than 5 November 2018.

Light refreshments will be served after the meeting.

Reminder: Rates rebates for pensioners

Reminder: Rates rebates for pensioners

City of Johannesburg offers attractive rates rebates for pensioners and property owners aged 60 and older. There are two broad categories of rebates applicable, one for for pensioners aged 70 or greater and one for lower-income persons aged between 60 and 69.

The City of Johannesburg budget for 2018/2019 was finally approved on 12 June. Applications can now be made either for the over 60s or the over 70s Rates Rebate which comes into effect from 1 July 2018. Pensioners must be over 70, own and live in their house which does not have a municipal valuation of more than R2.5 million.

Rebates are also available for persons aged 60 to 69, but these are income related and a different form is to be completed. Houses registered in the name of family members or a Trust are not eligible to receive the rates rebate.

Completed application forms need to be submitted before 30 June (the date the existing rates rebate falls away).
All application forms and a copy of your ID have to be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. Completed forms should be physically taken to a CoJ office (not emailed or posted) to make sure they are recorded correctly and a reference number received.

Qualifying persons are urged to apply NOW (before end June) before the old rebate scheme ends and the new July 1st general valuation roll applies.

The City’s group finance spokesperson, Kgamanyane Maphologela, explained that pensioners can, however, still apply before September for their rates paid from July to be reversed. Pensioners will still be able to apply for rebates after that, but without a promise of any reversals.

The available rebate categories:

1. Persons aged 70 years or older.
These persons are offered a 100% rates rebate if they own and live in their property and its municipal valuation does not exceed R2.5 million. Criteria: You are the owner of the property​ in respect of which the rates are charged. You live on the property. You are at least 70 years old. Documentation required: a completed application form and a certified copy of your identity document.
​Download the application form here: Pensioner rates rebate application form 70+

2. Persons aged 60 to 69 years.
There are three categories of eligible persons and applicable rebates:
a) Pensioners dependent on a national security grant – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
b) Pensioners whose gross monthly earnings are less than R7 850 a month – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
c) Pensioners whose gr​oss monthly earnings are higher than R7 850 but less than R13 458 a month – 50 percent rebate (subject to criteria).​
Criteria: You are the owner of the property in respect of which the rates are charged; You live on the property;
You are at least 60 years old; The total value of the property as per the General Valuation Roll, that is, the land plus the improvements, may not exceed R2.5 million. Documentation required: your identity document; proof of income for the previous tax year (a SARS assessment); and proof of current income.
Download this application form here: Pensioner rates rebate application form 60 to 69

MAF AGM 8 November 2017

MAF’s 2017 AGM will be held at Merrow Down Country Club on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 18:00 sharp. Please, we beseech you, do come and catch up with MAF’s activities including the latest on the ‘Makro’ saga (a Builders’ Warehouse is now proposed). Have your say in the suburb’s affairs too. Make sure you reply to the invitation and encourage your neighbours to do likewise. This is necessary for security reasons so that you can be admitted to the complex. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license of ID too!


The Sixth ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) will be held

Venue: Merrow Down Country Club, Pool Room, 40 Troupant Avenue, Magaliessig

Date: Wednesday 8 November 2017

Time: 18:00 sharp

All members of MAF (and those wishing to become members) are invited to attend.

Please RSVP to Irene Pellegrini at

For security reasons, the security guards at Merrow Down Country Club will be authorized to allow entry only to those registered on the acceptance list and who are in possession of their driving licence or ID.

Your response must please include the surname, first name, home address, telephone number/s and email address for each attendee.

If you are unable to attend and wish to have your apologies or a proxy recorded, please contact Irene Pellegrini on 011 465 1541 or email


1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Report on activities of the organization for the period under review.
4. Financial
4.1 Financial Report
4.2 Appointment of auditors
5. Election of Directors
5.1 The following directors retire by rotation and offer themselves for
Steve Appleton, Denis Grace, Mary Hanna, Mike Hogan
6. General

If you would like to propose an item for inclusion on the agenda please submit the information in writing to no later than 25 October 2016.

Light refreshments and snacks will be served after the meeting.

Fibre rollout delay

Kiklo Fttx has informed us that it is experiencing a lengthy delay in getting a wayleave for their fibre backbone from Eskom. As a result, final installation in some places will be delayed. However, Kiklo is going ahead with the internal installation in the affected complexes and will be ready to connect them quickly to the backbone as soon as it is available. Kiklo’s update letter is available here: MAF-Kiklo-Wayleave

Makro protest: Sat, 11 June – human chain

SATURDAY 11 JUNE 2016 FROM 9H30 TO 12H30



• To demonstrate that Magaliessig residents are still very opposed to the possible Makro development in our suburb.
• To show our very strong objection to the MEC of Gauteng Province overriding municipal decisions and interfering in the City of Johannesburg planning policies.
JHB: a world class African city!

It is vital that we all show our opposition to this proposed Makro warehouse in our residential suburb. It is not too late to stop this inappropriate development.

All are invited to attend. If you can’t come for the full period, come for a shorter time. Everyone will make a difference!

It will be peaceful and non-confrontational with participants standing or sitting holding placards.

Please bring hats, water and chairs if needed. Wear comfy shoes.

Placards will be provided.

Mary Hanna, Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) Chairperson, 011 465 3298.

MAF and mini-cellphone masts

Mini cellphone base-stations are being erected without notice within Magaliessig and surrounding suburbs. These mini-cells are poorly disguised as the street lights which they replace.

Two issues arise. One is the erection of these aesthetically poor structures apparently without consultation and planning permission, a “rights” issue. The second is the percieved danger of “radiation” to those who live or work near them.

MAF is in agreement that the structures whilst not huge and nowhere near as intrusive as conventional base-stations are indeed not attractive and are nowhere near as unobtrusive as the street lights they replace. MAF is also in agreement that nearby residents should have been consulted on their exact siting particularly where these masts are sited close to residential properies, impacting on their outlook and views. The fact remains however that the by-laws were changed to permit their erection without such consultation or notice essentially as a new revenue stream for City Power. Residents are free to raise objections on this basis but we fear they may not get very far.

MAF does not consider that these base-stations are harmful to health. This opinion is made on the basis of research evidence and expert opinion available. In that regard, it must be noted that these mini base-stations have deliberately limited power so as to serve their immediate vicinity without causing interference with similar stations located nearby. Indeed, the power levels emitted are many, many times less than the recommended limits imposed by international health bodies.

MAF also recognises the benefits that cellphone, 3G and 4G communications bring to the community and believes on balance we must accept the facility as a good one.

Technically, unlike nuclear energy, the type of radiation emitted as radio waves is “non-ionising”. Radio waves lack the high-energy particles and, in normal use, the energy levels required to impact upon, change and damage the structural composition of the atoms that make up the body’s cells. At much higher power levels, the only proven effect that radio waves have is to heat bodycells, the very effect that your microwave oven exploits for cooking but using massively more power.

Studies carried out by various international bodies show no established or proven links between radio waves and diseases beyond heating and burning at very high transmitted power levels. Of course just because such links have not been found is not exhaustive and doesn’t prove that such a link does not exist. MAF accepts that this may still require a note of caution because there may still be discovered such an unproven link. Nonetheless, it is a fact that there is radio energy all around us (some emanating naturally from the sun and some from lightening) from which billions of us cannot escape and which we live with all our lives without apparent ill-effect. Amongst the radio waves are those coming from the many very high power radio and television stations which have been in existence for many decades now and which could or should pose greater danger.

The radio wave energy field reduces in a ratio of the square of the distance from its source. This means that the cellphone you hold close against your ear generates a field-strength surrounding your head that is consderably greater than a base station located many metres away. So, if there is a threat of brain damage or fried ears, it is comming from your own cellphone, not necessarily the base station! Your microwave oven in your kitchen is potentially much more dangerous than a cellphone mini base-station.

Abland development update

MAF and Magaliessig residents were suddenly and urgently advised by our Ward 106 Councillor, Stephen Moore, that Abland has applied to expand a part of the Fourways Regional Nodal Boundary (the “business node”) in respect of its developments on Montecasino Boulevard; specifically the Remainder of Portion 230 and the Remainders of Portions 109 and 185 of the farm Witkoppen 194IQ. The southern parts of these properties fall outside the present business node and are zoned residential. Residents and affected parties had until 8th December 2015 to register as interested and affected parties and the first public participation meeting was to be held on the same date.

The suddeness, timing (its December holidays) and very short notice of this, worried both the Councillor, MAF and Magaliessig residents causing a furry of comments on social media.

To date, MAF has enjoyed a very cordial and cooperative relationship with Abland who have kept MAF informed (this episode excepted). Recently Abland met with MAF and some concerned residents living along the boundary with the Monte Circle development wherein Abland did everything it could to put them at ease both in terms of their plans and the disturbances likely whilst building takes place.

The Abland development is a mixed-use one which is intended to be very upmarket and, done sensitively, would be an asset for the area. The concerns raised by residents were that in rezoning the southern portion of the sites from residential to business, residential or commercial buildings as high as 10 to 14 storys could be built against existing complexes, destroying privacy, where the promise was to step the building height down to just 2 storeys.

MAF chairperson, Mary Hanna, attended the public meeting. She says:
“Thank you to all of you who managed to register as an Interested and Affected Party (IAP) yesterday. Members of MAF attended the meeting with Abland and we are pleased to tell you that Abland understands the concerns of the community re the building of 10 and 14 storey residential apartment blocks and has agreed that this will not take place. The residential blocks will form part of a separate mixed use development – “Monte Place” – near City Lodge. New plans will be drawn up showing residential accommodation of no more than 5 or 6 storeys high. These plans will be presented for discussion prior to the next Public Participation Meeting on 4 February 2016.
This is not part of the “Monte Circle” project (at the William Nicol end of Montecasino Boulevard) currently under construction, and the agreement brokered between MAF, the affected residents and Abland for 2 storey office blocks adjacent to the residential boundary still stands.”

MAF is aware of the issues and will continue to have dialogue with Abland and hopes that residents’ present concerns are thus addressed. MAF will be closely monitoring both projects to ensure that Abland keeps to its side of the bargain. Should Abland change its plans and have advised MAF, then MAF will advise residents accordingly.

On a positive note, Abland plans to renovate and rehabiliate the natire reserve and wetland located between its two developments, but regretably has encountered some environmental and regulatory difficulties that have to be ironed out before it can do anything.

Camera project update

MAF cameras

Steve Appleton, Mary Hannah and Mike Hogan stand under one of MAF’s new camera installations.

Our cameras are up and running!
They are being professionally monitored at the combined RSS and TRS state-of-the-art control-room both by intelligent image-processing, motion-detecting computer software and, where relevant or necessary, by human operators. With 16 cameras installed and 3 additional cameras funded privately by a complex, we still have too few cameras to provide the reasonable blanket coverage that we should or would like to have.

The cameras presently provide top-level or, in the onion model, outer-skin security. They are our first level of defense, monitoring the comings and goings in and out of the suburb and providing vehicle number-plate recognition. They both replace and go further than the entrance booms that many say we should have but cannot. The intention is to spot or at least curtail criminals’ activity in a manner that, knowing their arrival and departure is being recorded and that they can potentially be identified, discourages their entry.

This project is about standing together as a suburb against crime and less about individual security. This does not replace your own security but supplements it in a cooperative way. A way in which all residents should be proud to contribute to and be a part of.

Are you doing your bit and contributing? Or are you free-loading off those that are community-sprited and are paying? Do you feel proud or feel guilty each time you pass one of our cameras? We think you would feel far happier if it was the former! So, pay up and smile: you are on candid camera!

We have had many questions and suggestions about the project and we have attempted to answer them all. Here are a few of them.
– How is this funded?
This is a MAF community project funded by voluntary contributions from our residents who want to make our suburb safer for all who live and work here. The monthly contribution asked is small and should be easily affordable by most residents. The more who sign up, the more cameras we can instal and the wider coverage we can implement.
– Why are the cameras mostly in Troupant Ave?
The camera system is not specifically designed to monitor individual properies at this stage. We would need more cameras to do that effectively. We have concentrated on suburb protection instead. All traffic (including criminals) into and out of the suburb has to traverse a section of Troupant, Leslie or Petroy which is why cameras are located at key points thereon. If and when we can afford more cameras, they will be used to fill in the gaps and monitor the “back streets”. Doing so is dependent upon funding of course.
– Why are the cameras set so low? Surely this is a target for vandals?
The cameras are set at a height which provdes best vehicle coverage for number plate recognition and the visibility of car occupants. This is a necessary compromise against longer-distance viewing.
– Is there not a risk to MAF that the cameras will be stolen or damaged?
Yes, there is, however experience elsewhere has shown that the risk is low given the monitoring and the local response car. These risks are not borne by MAF because MAF does not own the infrastructure. The camera provider covers those risks.
– Can my complex take part?
Yes it can in two ways. One is to contribute to the project as a complex through your levies and homeowners’ association and the other is to fund and install cameras specifically to protect your complex’s perimeter and which are monitored as part of the system. At least one complex is already planning to do just that: making them more secure but also adding to the overall security of the suburb.

MAF Annual General Meeting: Monday 16 November

The FOURTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF) will be held:

Venue:                 Merrow Down Country Club, Pool Room, Troupant Ave, Magaliessig

Date:                    Monday, 16th November 2015

Time:                   18h30 sharp

All members of MAF (and those wishing to become members) are invited to attend.

Please RSVP to Irene Pellegrini: . For security reasons, the guards at Merrow Down Country Club will be authorized to allow entry only to those registered on the acceptance list.

Your response must please include your surname, first name, home address, telephone number/s and email address for each attendee.

If you are unable to attend and wish to have your apologies recorded, please contact Irene Pellegrini on
011 465 1541 or email: .

Download the Notice and Agenda here: MAF Notice of AGM 2015 v2

July News from Magaliessig

CCTV Camera update:

The MAF CCTV project is underway, geared towards creating a safer suburb for you and your family.

The first phase involves the erection of 16 cameras. The poles are being installed and electricity supplies are being sourced prior to the cameras and their data links becoming operational. Please note that not every pole will have cameras installed; several poles are needed to support the antennae used to relay the image data to the RSS control room.

One of Maf’s goals is making Magaliessig as safe and secure for its residents as possible. Research has shown that area-wide CCTV surveillance backed up by response vehicles is very effective in reducing crime.

The cameras are concentrated on Troupant Ave, as it is the main road through Magaliessig. One of the important features of the system is being able to identify and log suspects who enter and leave the suburb. Almost everyone in a vehicle, whether criminal or resident, has to travel along Troupant Ave at some point and we have had to take cognizance of that reality in positioning the cameras.

The security concept has been used and effectively proven its benefits in other suburbs. The use of CCTV is proactive, reactive and retrospective approach to security. Much will be done to identify suspicious activity, in part through automated number plate recognition, whereby known posted vehicle alerts are programmed into the camera software enabling the camera to recognise the wanted or stolen vehicle.

We would loved to have been able to install cameras in every street and around every corner, but unfortunately, until we get sufficient subscription revenue, this is not possible. Too few residents have committed to the project with most simply “free-loading”.

Subscription is voluntary and we fervently hope that once the system becomes fully operational, more residents will see the benefits and join up, enabling extra cameras to be fitted in your street and in other locations where they may be needed.

We believe that for your R100 per month, you will be getting good additional security value for your money. Not only that, but a secure suburb is one in which the best property values are realised.

In addition, we intend negotiating insurance discounts for subscribers – other similar suburbs have achieved a 10 to 20% reduction in household premiums for subscribers and that saving covers the cost of your subscription!

Another benefit is that your subscription also entitles you to membership of MAF, your local Residents’ Association. MAF has far more on its agenda than just the security cameras. MAF deals with general residents’ issues like roads and signage, parks and litter and much more besides.

MAF has a number of successes under its belt – securing and improving the Merrow Down Park, getting a left turn lane installed on Main Road at Robin/Sangster, getting JRA to improve the traffic light timing at Leslie/Troupant, getting sections of Troupant re-tarred. MAF interacts with the local City Councillor, the JMPD, JRA, CPF, City Parks and others on a regular basis to continually improve our beautiful suburb.

Finally, MAF has dedicated hundreds (perhaps thousands) of man-hours over more than five years to halt the proposed construction of a 20 000 square meter Makro super-store in our suburb; a development that will severely damage the peace, tranquillity and residential nature of our neighbourhood, whilst endangering our security and our property values. Although Makro has recently won an appeal, MAF is taking legal advice on the next steps and thus needs your support more than ever, not only for the CCTV project but also to continue the struggle against Makro.

This is your suburb. This is where you and your family live. This is where you have a home to be proud of. This is where you should feel safe and secure. This is where MAF is making a difference. This is where MAF is working towards a better, safer, cleaner suburb. But, we cannot do it all without you.

Please join MAF and please subscribe to its activities, including the CCTV project. Above all, do not become a freeloader carried by your neighbour! Your participation is vital. See our website for details and to sign up.

A big thank you to those of you who have subscribed and to those who intend to subscribe.

Steve Appleton and Mike Hogan, on behalf of MAF

Makro update

Although Makro recently won the appeal to the Townships Board, MAF does not intend giving up the fight. Our team of experts and legal advisor are meeting within the next few days to strategise a plan of action and once we have input from everyone involved, we will communicate the next steps with you. Please do not give up hope!

Community event:

PowerPoint Presentation

NB: Makro update

We have been advised that the Townships Board has upheld the Makro appeal and recommends that the Makro application is approved. The matter is not finalised, however.

We do not yet know the reasons for this surprising and unexpected recommendation.

Following receipt of full details we will be in a position to inform you of our intentions.

Mary Hanna


Magaliessig Action Forum (MAF)

CCTV project update

A letter from MAF Director Mike Hogan, regarding the CCTV project:

RSS logo

MAF logo

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dear Magaliessig Resident,

March 2015 Newsletter

In general (taxis apart), both untoward incidents and crime in our suburb appear to have reduced considerably when compared to the levels of last year. This is without doubt due to the heightened vigilance of our residents and the 24-hour availability of a dedicated RSS patrol car which has been called to investigate on many occasions. However, despite that improvement, there is still no room for apathy and, longer-term, we cannot rely on residents’ vigilance alone.

Thus, the Magaliessig Action Forum and RSS have been hard at work behind the scenes on the CCTV project and whilst we are still far from our target of 1200 signed-up members, we have decided to delay no further and to push on with the commencement of the initial infrastructural development phase.

Debit Orders

To ensure we have sufficient cash-flow to cover this initial phase, MAF will activate those debit orders that we have received with effect from Wednesday 1st April 2015.

For those who have not yet signed up, please go to the MAF website at: or contact either of the following for further information:

Mike Hogan                                        Steve Appleton

083-608-9349                                      083-254-2806      

For the convenience of those who have not yet joined, a debit order form is available here.

Camera poles

With the cash-flow generated above, RSS will commence with the installation of the camera poles and other basic infrastructure effective Monday 1st June, 2015.


Three large signboards advertising the monitoring and patrolling of the suburb have been prepared by RSS and will be erected at the entrances to Magaliessig within the next week.

Reaction Vehicle

For the last three months, RSS has kindly sponsored a dedicated reaction vehicle, co- branded with MAF at no cost to residents. It is an important part of the security project that we continue to fund and provide for this vehicle.

However, the cost of this patrol service is about R40 000 per month. In order to keep it in the suburb, MAF urgently requires another 600 residents to commit and sign up to the CCTV and suburb security project for via debit order for just R100 per month.

The reaction vehicle’s cost will also be partially met by those residents who sign-up with RSS for a home monitoring and armed response service or by complexes appointing RSS as the service provider in respect of guarding services, etc.

Those of you who use other service providers are able to change over to RSS at no inconvenience to yourself. Please give Steve Margo a call on 076-030-2342 to find out more. Tell your neighbours. For each referral that signs up, you will receive ONE MONTH FREE monitoring and armed response from RSS.

Medical Backup

It is worthwhile mentioning that all RSS clients (both in private homes and RSS-guarded complexes) will receive a FREE emergency medical response service from the RSS Intermediate Life Support Team.

Be the eyes and ears in the suburb

Should you see, know of, or hear of anything out of the ordinary please immediately call RSS Security on 086-111-4021 and request the Magaliessig reaction vehicle to attend. The vehicle is in the area and you are assured of a quick response.

Don’t forget to diarize and support the Community Braai and Picnic on 28TH March at 14:00 on the “Green” next to Mulberry Lane at the bottom of Leslie Avenue East.

Let’s all work together and rid our suburb of all crime – let’s all be part of the solution.

Mike Hogan


Magaliessig Action Forum

Cell 0836089349                    

MAF and RSS “Working towards a safer suburb”

PS: MAF urgently needs to audit its  residents’ address database to ensure quick communication. Please take the time to  email Mike Hogan  on with your  name  and email address.


March news: traffic offenders, CCTV project, community braai and more!

Troupant traffic offenders petition

Many people living , working or travelling through Magaliessig, Fourways and the surrounding areas have experienced the frustration of traffic offenders who disobey the rules of the road during the peak traffic periods, putting their lives and those of other motorists at risk.

If you are tired of their dangerous behaviour along Troupant Ave in Magaliessig, please download and sign this petition and return to MAF before 9 March for delivery to the JMPD.

Troupant taxis driving on wrong side of roadCCTV project

Here’s an update on the CCTV project from Mike Hogan (if you’d like more info on the project and it’s background, please read this post):

You are probably wondering where we are with the CCTV project so herewith a short newsletter to keep you abreast.

We are now half way to commencing the installation of the CCTV cameras. What would really help is for all complexes in Magaliessig to come on board and to add R100pm to the levies – this would give us the traction we need and make collection of subscriptions cheaper.

Of the 35 complexes in the suburb, only a handful have joined en bloc to date, which is a somewhat poor response.

Please assist us by canvassing the opinion of the residents in your complex and let me know their views- perhaps a meeting at which we could present and answer questions could be arranged.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Hogan, Director, Magaliessig Action Forum

If you’d like more information or to chat with Mike, please email You can download the CCTV information and sign-up form here.

Membership reminder: please pay your subs

If you have not yet paid your MAF annual membership fee (R100 per household), please do so urgently to ensure MAF is able to continue serving the community. You can download the membership form here.

Makro update

There is no news as yet on the Makro appeal hearing front. It was not tabled for discussion at the February Townships Board meeting, but we are hopeful that it will be discussed at the March meeting. As soon as we are informed of any outcome or news, we will let everyone on our database know. If you are not signed up to receive our MAF newsletter, you can register here.

Magaliessig WhatsApp group

A Magaliessig WhatsApp group has been formed as a means of keeping residents immediately updated of security alerts and other critical information in the suburb and surrounds. If you would like to be added to the group, please email with “WhatsApp group” in the subject line, and supply your cellphone number.

Community Braai

Please save the date: a community bring and braai event is being planned for Saturday afternoon on 28 March. More information will be circulated in the next few days once details have been confirmed. This will be a chance for community members to meet and socialise, as well as catch up on all the news and chat to members of the MAF committee.

Car boot sale: items sought

As part of her fundraising efforts for MAF, Jane Hughes holds regular car boot sales, with proceeds going to MAF. If you have items you would like donate to sell, please email with “Car boot sale” in the subject line and your contact details, and Jane will be in touch. She says her best-selling items are clothing, shoes and handbags.